Pablo Picasso Guitar - 1912 - MoMA - Mixed Media -

Picasso sculpture: Pablo Picasso, a controversial sculptor. Read the evolution, main works and critics about Pablo Picasso sculptures.

Robert Rauschenberg Monogram 1955–59

Robert Rauschenberg "Monogram" 1955 Combines were invented by Rauschenberg and literally combine painting and sculpture to create a new category of art. Featuring an angora goat, the goat and tire serve to extend from the picture plane.

Arman (Armand Fernandez), 'Bluebeard's Wife' 1969

Tate glossary definition for assemblage: Art made by assembling disparate elements often scavenged by the artist, sometimes bought specially

Jake and Dinos Chapman When Humans Walked the Earth Installation

Jake and Dinos Chapman: When humans walked the earth – Exhibition at Tate Britain