Malibu Blue Cocktail Glass / Dessert Glass

Utopia 'Malibu' Blue Cocktail or Dessert Glass - 22cl (7.75oz)

Utopia 'Malibu' Blue Cocktail or Dessert Glass - - Noble Express

Capri Margarita Cocktail Glass

Utopia 'Capri' Margarita Cocktail Glass - 31cl (11.5oz)

Capri Margarita Cocktail Glass - elegant and classy!

Black Cocktail Napkins

Black 'Cocktail' Napkin - 24cm Square - 2 ply

Buttermilk Cocktail Napkins

Buttermilk 'Cocktail' Napkin - 24cm Square - 2 ply

Wooden Cocktail Sticks

Wooden Cocktail Stick

Sword Cocktail Sticks

Sword Cocktail Sticks


Lemon Slice Squeezer

Utopia 'Barware' Lemon Slice Squeezer - 9cm (3.5)

Simple and efficient. Strong and durable. Easy to clean

Ice Crusher - great for crushing ice for your cocktail party

Ice Crusher

Easy to use, simple put large ice cubes in and rotate handle.

Ice Cube Tongs

Ice Cube Tong

Ideal for use as an ice tong, but also suitable for other tasks such as a serving tongs or for use in a shop.

Hamilton Beech Bar Cocktail Blender

Rio Commercial Bar Blender HBB250