The Prisoner . Who is number one ? Classic stuff ........ Be seeing you !

The 50 coolest TV shows ever

The Prisoner - written, produced and acted by Patrick Mcgoohan in order to promulgate his own unique take on the philosophy of 'Freedom.

One of my fave British TV Shows!

One of my fave British TV Shows The Prisoner show we watched in black & White.

Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner: I've promised myself just such a flannel jacket for my inaugural visit to Portmeirion, whenever that might be.

be seeing you - the prisoner 1967, the bubble chasing 6

Another quick fanart of a great TV show from the [link] The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan as Nr. The Prisoner

The Prisoner

'The Prisoner' poster by Colin Newman starring Patrick McGoohan. I still like Secret Agent Man better - for the sound track if nothing else