The strange cloud formations can be found all over the world. And while they are a bit weird and sometimes scary and foreboding, these clouds remain beautiful. Nature’s sky is painted beautifully by these brush strokes of water vapor…and magic.


Art in Nature - skeleton leaf - pretty texture, pattern and colour inspirations for design

Tree bark

Tree bark - links to growth and evolution. The detail created by pure nature is incredible, and no tree is the same.


focus-damnit: vintage kimono fabric (via Green Collections: another green…

Francesca Biasetton

Francesca Biasetton [x], Asemic Writing Tela N/ acrylic on canvas, 2008

mark making

This is an example of mark making. The zig-zag pattern looks like it has been made of by a stamp.


Fractal patterns in nature - Coral


Corrugated 2 - Lynn EL/UnaOdd "A roll of corrugated paper. Used to wrap our household belongings for the sea-shipment home.

Jacaranda Tree Bark | photographer unknown.

graftonnsw Jacaranda tree bark - textures and patterns inspired by trees

Annie Vought

Artist Annie Vought‘s series Paper Cut Letters

DIY Rorschach Ink Blot Placemats

DIY Rorschach Ink Blot placemats - but could you do on a white tee? for a teen program?" and then the ink blot.

wood grain

A wood grain texture. - Free Stock Photo Id: 11534 KB)

leslieavonmiller: Leslie Avon Miller

Its simplicity, yet intricacy of this.


natural mandala - microscopic cross section of clematis root & tom grundy