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Here Lies Vincent Van Gogh 1853 - 1890 | Gives me the idea to visit tombstones of famous authors

Vincent van Gogh, 1853 – 1890 Auvers-sur-Oise is a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located km from the centre of Paris. It is associated with several famous artists, the most prominent being Vincent van Gogh.

3D pavement art. #graffiti

Sidewalk Art That Will Blow Your Mind. Big Bowl of Wontons" - U. artist Julian Beever and German artist Edgar Mueller are two dudes who independently make some pretty amazing chalk sidewalk murals.

Matisse described the abstract zone at the right of this composition as containing "a person who has a palette in his hand and who is observing." Most likely, it is the artist himself. The surrealist poet André Breton said of the painting, "I believe Matisse's genius is here . . . nowhere has Matisse put so much of himself as in this picture."

Featuring two of the Bay Area’s artistic heroes, Matisse/Diebenkorn will be the first major exhibition to explore the profound inspiration Richard Diebenkorn discovered in the .

the inn in Auver-sur-Oise, north west of Paris where Vincent spent the last seventy days of his life from May 20th, to July 29th, 1890. He died in the attic room there.

Van Gogh: Auver-sur-Oise, France- building where Vincent died. Just up the hill and behind Notre Dame D'Auvers is the cemetery where both Vincent van Gogh and Theo van Gogh are buried. Both graves are together at the back of the cemetery.