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SANITY'S COVE: Reclaiming Stolen Friendships. Men and Women Friends.

It's alright to have guy friends. After-all, It's a nice extra set of eyes that will be a help to me and your father along the way to keep you out of trouble.

“An arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back. So when life drags you back with difficulties, that means it is going to launch you into something great.

Arrow tattoo

Don't like whatever is wrapping around the arrow or the tips of the feathers being curved, but the style is awesome. Just cut them off like a parallelogram and I love it.

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you& be surprised how beautiful dots and lines can be when combined to make some stunning tattoo designs! Turkish artist, Bicem Sinik has taken two simple forms to create some unique minimalistic tattoos. Bicem is very fond of