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an old pink door with flowers on the glass and ribbon hanging from it's side
an old room with some heart shaped signs on the wall and a bowl in front of it
an old bathtub with flowers in it next to a sink and window sill
coffee stained cashmere
coffee stained cashmere
an ornate door with stained glass in the front and side panels on the back wall
a stained glass door with flowers on it
Barcelona - Ausiàs Marc 020 41
a blue door with a wreath on it
an old house with windows and shutters on the outside, has been converted into a facebook post
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: DOORS and WINDOWS
a vase with flowers in it sitting on a window sill next to a potted plant
"Un rincón del Paraíso"
an old window with flowers in it and a vase on the shelf next to it
many potted plants and flowers in front of an old window with shutters on the outside
Petits plaisirs au quotidien
an old window covered in vines and flowers next to a building with roses growing on it
Nice to meet you..
Kent, England