little red riding hood gorgeous knit sweater coat with hood and cables and flowers up the back--beautiful! beyond my time allowance for knitting and, likely, skill at this point, but WOW!

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Knitter's Pride Dreamz Deluxe Interchangeable Long Tip Knitting Needle Set 200601

Rosewood Straight Knitting Needles - 10" - Available in size 3 - 11.

Rosewood Straight Knitting Needles - - Available in size 3 - I want one pair for each size

Eight by Six gardening blog: July 2012

If my yarn was color coded and all perfect in a closet, I'd hesitate to disturb the organization. However, I would be inspired, and I'd have a better idea what colors are missing from my wooly's just so pretty

Bridges Pottery Large Yarn Bowl Large Knitting Bowl Nutmeg Knitting Bowl Custom Order seen in Vogue Knitting

Bridges Pottery Yarn Bowl Nutmeg Knitting Bowl Custom Order seen in.

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