Smokers Who Switch to Vaping Less Likely to Put On Weight

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Study confirms flavoured e-liquid decrease smoking rates

Menthol flavoured e-liquid were the most successful at suppressing cigarette use

A new online survey examines GP’s knowledge of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

A new study is being compiled to determine how much GP’s in the UK know about vaping, and therefore how well they can advise their patients on using the products as part of a smoking cessation plan.

A good week for pro-vaping science, but Council bans continue to spread

The scientific consensus behind e-cigarettes continues to strengthen this week, with two separate studies – one in England and one in India – confirming that the devices are an effective tool for smokers who want to quit

WHO advises UK to ban vaping in public spaces

Strange that the World Health Organisation would seek to ban vaping given all the studies saying how much safer it is and given that I and everybody I know who has stopped smoking by turning to vaping have reported how much better they now feel.


Since the intorduction of the TPD regulations on May 2016 there has been a transitional period to allow Manufacturers and Retailers of Vaping products to start to comply with the new regulations.

Important updates to our UK E-Liquid - More Flavours and more PG/VG Blends

Overall we feel that the TPD regulations are a positive thing – they ensure that you will be getting a quality product and know exactly what you are getting.

The top 15 things to avoid when Vaping

Top 15 bad things when vaping and how to avoid them

Organisations urged to differentiate after Councils force Vapers to use Smoking Areas

Councils who require vapers to vape in designated smoking areas, should change their policies and allow some form of indoor vaping based on the current evidence that indoor vaping does not constitute a risk to public health.

Vaping? Confusion still Reigns in the UK

UK Vapers are lucky - The UK has one of the World’s most pragmatic approaches to ecigarettes and vaping compared to some Countries

New Welsh Government Vaping Policy seeks to Ban eliquid flavours

By banning a range of e-liquid flavours, the Welsh Government will be making it more difficult for vapers to switch, and give the tobacco industry another boost (whether purposefully or inadvertently!

New Long Term Study confirms that E-cigarettes are Safer than Smoking Tobacco

E-cigarettes are less toxic and safer to use compared to conventional cigarettes, according to research published in Annals of Internal Medicine

The UK rules the World in the uptake of Vaping

Business leaders to announce new plans to tackle climate change at UN event

EU looking to impose Tobacco Tax on E-Cigarettes

brussels bureaucrats discussing the possibility of putting a "Tobacco Style" Tax on e-cigarettes