Typographic Dessert Recipes

This would make baking a LOT more fun . or at least more visually inspiring. I could also see a series of these framed for fun kitchen art. --Typographic Dessert Recipe Prints by Leanda Zavian of One Little Bird Studio

The Titanic leaves Belfast, April 1912.

The Titanic Leaving Belfast Ireland for Southampton England for Its Maiden Voyage New York Usa Photographic Print by Harland


Freelance Designer Showcase: 12 Creative Typography Designs From 12 Designers – - UnderWorld Magazines

Taking us back to our school days, paper-wrapped Sherbert Fountains were perfect for fizz fans.

Barrett Sherbet Fountain - loved dipping the liquorice stick in the sherbet.

dimensional type  ///  grain edit · Mark Gowing

Mark Gowing is an interdisciplinary artist working across communications, publishing and visual art. Much of Mark’s work is characterised by investigations into communication and language through experimentation with form and typography.

1900 visions of the year 2000

1900 postcards flying machines What The Future Looked Like In It’s a shame that personal flying machines never became a reality. Wearing wings and an incredibly haute harness, these futuristic fashionistas could simply fly to their destination.

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