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25 Nerds Who Revolutionized Bathroom Graffiti

25 Nerds Who Revolutionized Bathroom Graffiti

Just a city girl...

Just a Weasley boy Born and raised down in the Burrow He took the Hogwarts train the going anywhere. Just a black haired boy, livin with a lighting scar, took the hogwarts train going anywhere.

harry-potter harry-potter-meme-5

Always reminded me of a headmistress I despised. who made me eat every last gooseberry that I hated, until I gagged, after everyone else had left the dining room.

witchy coffee

Speaking of The Three Broomsticks, here is some amusing crossover art! I guess you could say that the addiction to The Three Broomsticks pub in the Wizarding World is just about equivalent to the Muggle World’s addiction to starbucks and HP.