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this peach cobbler is so good it's easy to make and tastes delicious
Sourdough Peach Cobbler
If you're looking for sourdough dessert recipes, you have to try this easy recipe for Sourdough Peach Cobbler. Made with leftover sourdough starter (AKA sourdough discard), it's an easy Summer dessert recipe that is sure to make everyone drool when it comes out of the oven! This easy sourdough discard recipe is made with fresh peaches and topped with a delicious sourdough biscuit topping.
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strawberry muffins with text overlay that reads, sourdough strawberry muffins
Sourdough Strawberry Muffins
Sourdough Strawberry Muffins (Discard Recipe) | These sourdough strawberry muffins are a great way to use up your discard. The strawberries and slight tang the sourdough gives are such a lovely combination! These are lightly sweet muffin and are wonderful for breakfast or a quick snack.
the ingredients for sourdough bread dough are shown in three different stages, including mixed dough and aftershaping
The Easiest Sourdough Bread - Beginner Friendly Recipe & Tips - Dani Koch
how to make sourdough pop tarts from little spoon farm in the kitchen
Sourdough Pop Tarts
Homemade sourdough pop tarts are easy to make with sourdough pie crust dough. Fill with your favorite flavors like, strawberry, Nutella, raspberry or blueberry! A sweet glaze makes them even more delicious! You'll love this from scratch homemade pop tarts recipe using your sourdough discard!
a pan filled with bread rolls sitting on top of a table
Sourdough Discard Dinner Rolls
If you know me, you know I cannot throw out sourdough discard! Sometimes I let it pile up in the fridge until I need it. Like today, when I had a hankering for some dinner rolls to eat with our No-Bean Chili. But then I remembered our awesome sourdough discard dinner rolls and got to work!
easy sourdough dinner rolls in a blue bowl
Easy Sourdough Dinner Rolls From Scratch
Sourdough dinner rolls are soft, fluffy, and buttery with the signature sourdough tang. They are really easy to make from scratch and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.
a white dish filled with doughnuts and the title how to make soft sourdough dinner rolls
Soft Sourdough Dinner Rolls
Soft sourdough dinner rolls are everything you ever dreamed of! These amazing, pull-apart style dinner rolls are soft and fluffy with just a touch of sweetness. You won't believe how easy they are to make!
a poster with instructions on how to bake bread in the kitchen and what to do
Sourdough bread schedule
My go to schedule when it comes to making sourdough bread, for both ambient and cold proofing methods This is for guidance only, with some additional notes below. Much more in my Sourdough Bread Guide ☺️