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Shares No matter how many times you watch the funny faces of these minions each time they look more funnier…. So we have collected best Most funniest Minions images collection . i Hope you will love them … Shares Related

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Despicable Me funny minion quotes of the day 041 Funniest Minions Quotes Of The Week

Do not worry.. Be happy.. Everything will happen just the way u want to think it'll happen.. Patience.. God has a plan for u and is NEvER late..

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. -Robert Nesta Marley (that's a fancy way of saying "Bob Marley" haha!

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I imagine Annabeth doing this to Percy, whenever she sees a spider! <<< I saw the pic and thought of this immediately

Humorous Minions quotes of the hour (02:11:21 PM, Tuesday 07, July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

Humorous Minions quotes of the hour PM, Tuesday July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics - love it lol

Minions, made in China. 。◕‿◕。 See my Despicable Me Minions pins

I wonder if Chinese tourists get upset when they buy a souvenir from America and then find out it was made in China.