Funny drinking like a sir straws!

Drinking like a sir!

Funny pictures about Drinking like a sir. Oh, and cool pics about Drinking like a sir. Also, Drinking like a sir photos.

Inspiration for a fun party table game. Let the birthday girl or boy judge the best accent!

*insert british accent here "ahhh and good day to you sir.

English tea party

British bunting and strawberries - so very british! Nothing better than British strawberries

london themed party

London Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

Tea Party hat craft

Fun with Munchkins: Tea Party Paper Bowl Hats

English Tea Party

High tea - never too young for a tea party. Great party idea for a little girls Birthday

British game called Conkers.

"at around September in UK it was Conker fights time. All kids would go crazy in the parks looking for conkers on the conker tree.