The Sheffield General Cemetery was closed in 1978. It has since been re-taken by nature, with plant-life slowly creeping it's way back over the stones. #socialsheffield

Ancient green portal in The Sheffield General Cemetery - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

"'The Hole in the Road' became part of Sheffield folklore from its construction in 1967 to its demolition in 1994. Its 27 year history saw it as memorable facet of the city for a variety of reasons that merged together in a loose fashion. As a 'residual jungle', the inclusion of a large and solitary fish tank was part of the allure of the underground structure."

scavengedluxury: Castle Square, AKA the “Hole in the Road”, Sheffield, late Click the link… I just love Black and White photos

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

The Crucible Theatre hosts many exciting productions throughout the year, many of which students can attend for a significant discount if they're quick off the mark. It is home to the World Snooker Championships.

Celebrating early Sheffield street art (photo by @stephensphotography on IG) #socialsheffield #sheffield

Celebrating early Sheffield street art (photo by on IG) Not far from hear is a grate little pub called the dove and rainbow. It's a rock bar and you are shore to meet grate people there.

Sheffield Midland station

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Sheffield Town Hall. For more information on locating a business in Sheffield visit

Sheffield Town Hall at night. If you think the old steel producing city of Sheffield is a dirty place. It's one of the happiest places to live and work in the UK.

Sheffield Winter Gardens. For more information on locating a business in Sheffield visit

While away an hour at the beautiful Sheffield Winter Gardens.

Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield. #socialsheffield #sheffield

Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield: I saw Tori Amos play here. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Sheffield city centre carpark, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK nicknamed the cheese grater.

Sheffield, Yorkshire : Sheffield city centre carpark, St Paul's Place arch : Allies and Morrison Architects- 2008

Sheffield monorail as envisioned in 1973 [and never built] #socialsheffield #sheffield

Abandoned Sheffield Minitram monorail passes over the Hole in the Road at Castle Square