Perfectly Organized Journaling Inspiration- I like photos and journaling together.

rebeccablairart: Moleskine 03, #007 (OF THE FIELD)

a beautiful travel journal

One Saturday afternoon I'd love to find the time to make a similar travel journal as Victoria's from INMOST LIGHT. The photos above are snippets from her travels in Ukraine. You can see more journal images here and Victoria's entire photostream here.

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Book Collage

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Book Collage This reminded me of your holocaust project. It's almost like a yearbook with the faces missing.

Rose Blake

Great article on Rose Blake's sketchbooks on Anthology! Series of interviews with artists about their sketchbooks- inspirational boeken in een paar worden samenvatten ( zie 3 de boek)

Colombian illustrator Randy Mora creates surreal and strangely mesmerizing collages of fantasy worlds and scenarios.