Elephant's ears 'Ballawley'

Find help & information on Bergenia 'Ballawley' clonal elephant's ears 'Ballawley' from the RHS

Elephant's ears 'Silberlicht'

Bergenia 'Silberlicht' 50 cm x 50 cm hardy white and pale pink in spring clay OK sun / part shade

Schmidt elephant ear

Find help & information on Bergenia × schmidtii Schmidt elephant ear from the RHS

Elephant's ears 'Purpurea'

We have a big patch of these and they are very reliable and I've not killed them yet! Good big shiny leaves for non flowering season interest.

Elephant's ears 'Bressingham White'

Find help & information on Bergenia 'Bressingham White' elephant's ears 'Bressingham White' from the RHS

Purple bergenia

Bergenia purpurascens AGM Leaves beet-root red in winter.

Heart-leaf bergenia

Bergenia cordifolia-evergreen rhizomatous perennials with leathery,rounded…

Lily of the valley

RHS Plant Selector Convallaria majalis AGM / RHS Gardening Flower White in Spring Foliage Green in Autumn, Spring and Summer


Plants that will grow in the shade: foxglove peace lily spider plants jacob's ladder meadowsweet Virginia bluebell columbine flax lili English ivy coleus fuchsia impatiens bleeding heart hosta solomon's seal jumpseed Japanese anemone leopard plant, ferns.

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