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A Slavic workshop of stylists and photographers called Treti Pivni have decided to bring back one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions by giving it a new meaning. They've produced a portrait series of modern Ukranian women dressed in traditional Ukranian floral headdresses.

Romanian Photographer Continues Photographing Women For Her “Atlas Of Beauty”

Ukrainian- 3 different patterns on the sleeves

Hello all, Today I will talk about the costume, and a bit about the embroidery of the Borshchiw region, West Podillia, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Wedding. I would so do this.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ukrainian Wedding - creative setting with the wheat in the background - very Ukrainian feel to this photo composition!

Ukrainian dancers in traditional costumes. Courtesy: Verchovyna.

My sister Jenny did this type of dance. My Mom sewed all her costumes. one is pretty much like this!