Casa Slamp by Slamp Creative Team

Casa Slamp cardboard house by Slamp Creative Team

The designers of Slamp (Zaha Hadid, Nigel Coates, Zanini de Zanine e Adriano Rachele) were given free rein to combine some of the new lamps with furniture pieces in paper and cardboard that they designed themselves.

If you're looking for fun, funky lighting check out this company. I have been a fan for years... Slamp - Morgana

Morgana by Stefano Papi for Slamp has an invisible wire that makes it truly feel suspended. The downward light, which comes from a hidden light source, carries with it the color of the shade.

Name :Woody Suspension  Manufacturer:Slamp  Materials:Cristalflex-wood  Measurements: Diam. 37cm X H 25 cm

Design pendant lamp (Cristalflex) WOODY by Luca Mazza/Slamp

Slamp - Gemmy Prisma Color

All about Gemmy Prisma Color suspension by Slamp on Architonic. Find pictures & detailed information about retailers, contact ways & request options for Gemmy Prisma Color suspension here!