Paper Cave Installation

Paper Cave Installation

Paper cave: I think ceilings are underused for interior decorations. Would love to try some more colorful paper or plastic cones on our ceiling. It would also be a great way to add too a "man cave".

Bear Cave, full of Bear books... students wear headlamps when they go in!

Bear Cave, full of Bear books. students wear headlamps when they go in! (I love this idea of a reading cave, whether at school or home!

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Into the Caves! by 4th grade

These are samples of grade cave paintings on "rock" (no, it is not traditional clay - read on to find out the crazy material we used).

great way to display cave art

examine how art has existed through time and how it can represent a group of people, e., prehistoric man and cave paintings. AFTER the "cave" is used for hibernation, it can be used for cave paintings done by cave kids! 2010 Elementary Art Show

Cave Art for Kids

Cave Art for Kids

Cave Art for Kids - Adventure in a Box Cave Art for Kids: Build a cardboard cave, then decorate its walls! A great craft for studying cave art and prehistoric times with kids. Want fantastic tips about arts and crafts?

Tissue Paper Volcano

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