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A great capsule wardrobe is always based on good quality essentials. Read about the essential items you should have in your winter capsule wardrobe

Hopefully your holidays are going great and you are ready to start relaxing. Adding to the existing Spring Essentials and Fall Essentials lists, I tried to build a winter wardrobe using those two as t

Absolutely! Every day on my winter UK trip I wore layers including: Modal tee-shirt, insulated vest, leggings (not every day) jeans, smart wool socks, weather-proof insulated parka (travel version which could pack down to almost nothing) bright scarf and waterproof Keen ankle boots or trail shoes.

Cold Weather Travel Series : A series of posts about the particular challenges of traveling during cold weather and how to address them while still packing ligh

Travel: My carry-on flight essentials

My in-flight travel essentials. Long flights can leave some with some unpleasant situations. Such as bad breath, or unwanted body odors. These lists will help you and those around you when flying. The must haves for a long flight.