The Forgotten Empire - danielkbrown

THE FORGOTTEN WORLD grey backed inset on white paper; graphite type blur and paper textures. Natural Forms bleed beyond the edges of the expected map boundary: use of pictures//layered

She is an Italian born illustrator and designer living and working in Reykjavík. She enjoys "abstraction, satellite footage and empty spaces".

Works by Elisa Vendramin

FRANCO PURINI Genius of architectural illustrations - The contemporary Piranesi

Franco Purini-a definite Genius of architectural illustrations some have described him as contemporary Piranesi…what do you think?

Architectural Storyteller_Serapo New York_new horizons

Concrete pillar at entrance

colonize :  Conceptual Plan?

Interpretation of clocks/time, maybe?

thresholds cemetery sculpture by frances nelson + bradly gunn - designboom | architecture & design magazine

seeking to mark the unmarked, collaborative american artists frances nelson + bradly gunn have created the installation 'thresholds', an acknowledgment to the final resting place of kent's founding pioneers.