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Olivia Fairbank
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KAT-IN-OZ (originally I'm in Australia and love many things - from Dire Straits to Skrillex, from Jessica Lange to Jennifer Lawrence, beautiful scenery, food & quotes - and most of all, I love animals & babies.

Ancona Duck

The One Stop Shop for Backyard or Exhibition Poutlry and Waterfowl

Magpie Duck - endangered heritage breed - good for meat and laying - related to runner duck?

Magpie Duck - endangered heritage breed - can not fly over long distances (but can propell themselvs over a wall) - good layer - gourmet meat - great foragers (tend for themselves

duck breeds photos | Saxony Ducks | Duck Breeds

This and the Golden Cascade are my favorite ducks, I love the tawny/light coloured golden ducks, and these are one of them.

Silver Appleyard Ducks. I really want to try this breed.

Silver Appleyard Duck: eggs, flavorful and lean meat good for roasting