We have searched the web for those 10 amazing ideas of recycled tires that could be used as decoration, planters, swing...for your garden! Next time you go

10 DIY Tire Decoration Ideas for Your Garden

painted tire swings - cute project for the kids and good idea for the front or back yard!

Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care.                   Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/

Train track ruts in concrete! ITEM: Fine Motor (trains), Dramatic Play (small world play in planters) Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

Fairy garden small world tyre for outdoor play in the early years  - by EYchloe

Fairy garden small world tyre for outdoor play in the early years - by EYchloe // Fairy garden African style

Wow. Fantastic outdoor water area

I like this idea, maybe could use more shallow water tubs thought. A big rive-like pool for water play. Kids can crowd around both sides of the pool. Also can learn how things travel from one end to the other

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use tire to create small backyard pond. the only thing i've seen so far to do with an old tire that wasn't completely tacky hahaha

Outdoor mark making area

Outdoor mark making area but we could use our "greenhouse" to store anything!

let the children play: imaginative play in a tyre - creating small nature gardens

let the children play: imaginative play in a tyre. Great idea for natural small world play, will go great next to my new fairy garden!

Backyard Play Areas

Outdoor play space for kids. PVC pipe for cars and trucks!my garden will have things like this for the kids to play in!

More ideas
Interest areas which could be changed depending on the children. Tyres used as boundary line and small world.

each individual tire can put different things in there, like plan flowers, digging area, mini sand box.

Mud garden - a good solution if the outdoor space doesn't allow enough room for a larger mud kitchen.

10+ Ideas for using tires in your Outdoor Space

Sand and water table idea outdoor 20 mud kitchen ideas in mini decoration 2 with outdoor kitchen mud kitchen inspiration best of

Mark making resource set up in my outdoor classroom. Use plastic jugs, label with pics, hang on hooks, easy clean up for teacher at the end of the day

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Early Years ideas from Tishylishy. Sharing photos, provision enhancements and outcomes from my EYFS class and the.

Recycled Tyres Christmas Tree

Clinker Truffles

A really cool way to use recycled/used tires to create an usual Christmas tree that's sure to be a conversation piece!

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Great idea to have an outdoor writing center and I love how the materials are organized -AH

Homemade stage for the outdoor area to promote kids freedom to express themselves.

Outdoor stage area for an EYFS with limited space! For music area We can use pallets n paint them?