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Lola Roberts

Somewhere. / 私は単にバトラーのいずれかの地獄です。
Lola Roberts
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"Sherlock Outtakes." Martin's reaction.

" --- XD oh Martin. A cab of all things. Sherlock bloopers :P <---- he's so serious when he says it then he just realises he's made a mistake hahahaha

I don't think so!

I like how they put pictures of Disney women and girls who did things for themselves<-- well technically theyre not all Disney but most of them are so into the Disney board it goes

Free! / Black Butler ~~ Sebastian really gets around.

~Black Butler and Free~ Sebastian Ciel = Haru Sebastian Grell = Rin Sebastian Finny = Makoto Sebastian Claude = Rei Sebastian Alois = Nagisa I absolutely accept!

Aw. Aw. Aw.

of my ships are gay. Boy-Girl couples are just weird to me now. <-- my ships are straight as a circle :B

I could tell you STORIESSSS

ya know. Triton is Neptunes son. Ariel is Triton's daughter. Mel is Ariel's daughter. Mel is part god. She is related to Percy Jackson.


So a new short story I came up with, LOL poor Ciel and his dreams, he (I) wished that happed, >////////////< (Anyway, Sebastian knows what's . Sebastian x Ciel: Dream

If there is a second season I'll scream then cry myself to sleep every night. If there isn't a second season I'll scream then cry myself to sleep every night