Olivia Morrow

Olivia Morrow

Punk, music and all things gay! Yep thats me
Olivia Morrow
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YOU ME AT SIX! LET’S GET IT ON! http://punkpedia.com/punk-rock/you-me-at-six-lets-get-it-on-6921/

Horton Meador Girl got me hooked to this song and the band. Stay With Me by: You Me At Six

Zodiac Leo Facts | TheZodiacCity.com

why a Leo is a good person to have around on a bad day? Because they always know what to say (or do) to cheer you up. And when all else fails, just listen to the things they say. You’ll be laughing in no time.

Anti-Gesellschaft Punk Patch patches punk

Anti Society punk patch punk patches by OneHandPrinting on Etsy

Punk Rock Pins -- Never leave home without them ;)

Found a better picture :) Punk Rock Pins -- Never leave home without them ;

This is so true, but I'm starting to finally let go.

Leo is my rising sign. Zodiac Leo Facts — Leo tends to hold on to love or damaged relationships a lot longer than they sometimes should…they hold on to the good times.

And for once I'm being true to myself and letting myself believe there is something wrong

ahh, until im home alone, at night, in my bedroom, with everyone asleep. then the whole fucking dam unleashes.