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Matt And Mello *Deathnote (Lily) Photo by dusty-fire | Photobucket

Matt And Mello - Death Note (Lily) Photo by dusty-fire

Nagisa- Madoka Magica gif

“ “ Anonymous asked: Kill la Kill or PMMM ” Would you like to make a contract to become a magical girl?

Anime Munters [ORIGINAL] by go devil dante - YouTube. This is just asesome

Anime Munters [ORIGINAL] by go devil dante<<< i will never get tired of this

I don't really ship this but this is adorable

DenNor/Denmark x Norway/Hetalia ship it sooo much

Puella magi madoka magica

This is cool but I think Madoka's chair should have like a rose on the back or something

madoka soul gems

Even though this anime pissed me off, I liked their outfit designs and the gems were pretty even though the story behind them is depressing.