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The Tarma Stripe Sofa
This 2-seater sofa, with its soft stripes and border of red tassels, is sure to charm anyone who steps into your sitting room. If you'd rather keep the look of the room a bit more muted, the tassels can be removed or reattached with ease.
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How To Decorate With Stripes
Pinstripe, ticking, Breton – from the formal to the effortlessly laid-back, stripes come in many moods and guises. When it comes to decorating with stripes, the pattern is deceptively versatile, with the ability to elongate, emphasise or elevate a space depending on its style and usage. To inspire your next interiors update, we caught up with a few design authorities to discover how to master those beautifully fine lines.
The Tarma Striped Sofa
Showcasing a cozy allure, the Tarma armchair—with its Soft Charcoal-striped upholstery and removable red tassels — is bound to be a hit with maximalists, as well as minimalists looking for a statement focal point in a muted living space. Question is, to tassel or not to tassel?
The Stripes Interiors Edit
There’s a reason stripes have never gone out of style. Seamlessly fitting into both minimalist or maximalist settings, and bringing structure and form in the process, this classic motif is the chameleon of the pattern world. From striped sofas to statement footstools and characterful tableware, discover our edit of our favourite beautifully fine lines.