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Ieva Zapolskaite

Ieva Zapolskaite
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Illustrator: Ian McQue

I have just come across the exceptional work of concept artist, Ian McQue. His illustration takes you to a gritty world where rusty ships chug through smog filled skies, crewed by bots and grubby sailors turned pilots.

Johannesburg, South Africa – based Riyahd Cassiem is a creative director specializing in 2d and 3d visual development for film, games and animation.

Riyahd Cassiem, Drone, image posted with permission of the artist. Riyahd’s Behance ______ See more on: ♥ iheartmyart

Dragon Age: Origins

Zevran concept art from Dragon Age. Most certainly not an Eldar, but one of the Quendi. Perhaps one who was free from Morgoth, yet never headed West and developed their own distinct culture while living in the East.

Deadpool(Video Game) Concept Art Paintings by Jose Emroca Flores

Conceptual illustrator, Jose Emroca Flores, has uploaded his pitch and cutscene artwork that he created for High Moon Studio's new Deadpool video game. It features X-Men babes, Pslocke and Domino.