Cap Gun

I'm pretty sure you can't buy anything even close to a realistic toy gun anymore. We played Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians in the woods and didn't grow up to be bad people. Love the smell of those spent caps! pair were red and oh my did they smash my wrists. Can feel it to this day but the thrill when you got them going. I think eventually banned in my school

The most dangerous toy ever - glass, yes, glass, "clackers" and yes, I had these suckers they hurt if u missed. But fun

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Nothing fancy here, just metal skates, fashioned onto sturdy shoes with a metal key. Not a smooth ride, but exciting, anyway.

Oh this was grown up choccy...

Old Jamaica chocolate bars launched in Dads favourite when I was a child, much better than the copies nowadays!

My gran collected these!

Co-op stamps, you got these for your grocery shopping and off the milkman, great sheets of them that you had to lick and stick in books, before handing them in to collect free things from your local Co-op.usually glasses.

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Here they are! Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates. Remember the song, "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key"? My kids asked what the heck keys had to do with skates.