Camera with flash lol

Yes kids, we had to actually purchase flashes for our cameras. Does anyone else remember these? My first camera was pink, used 110 film, and I had to save my money to buy these 10 use flip flash bulbs.


45 RPM Record Holder or Rack - Stores 60 Records - Display - Mid Century All…

De estos tuve alguno muy parecido comprado en el Parque Los Caobos.

Balsa Wood Airplanes - Wooden Rubber Band Powered Gliders - Such a blast!

Les After-Eight que je mangeais jusqu'au dernier. Prenant soin de laisser les papiers marron...Puis ma grand-mère en offrait à quelqu'un...

After Eight Chocolate Mints, oz. Rich in British heritage, AFTER EIGHT is known as England's finestchocolate mint. AFTER EIGHT has been a favorite at social gathering

Sherbert pips - THAT'S what these were called! That's been driving me crazy trying to remember...

Sherbert pips - and the scary man who ran the sweet shop under the railway bridge. Some of the sweets had to be weighed out and put in a little paper bag, sherbet pips being one of those. The shop owner always looked sort of grubby.

Received a sketch a graph for Christmas as a child, but could never get it to work right!

I got a sketch a graph for Christmas. It kept me occupied over the school holidays

Embassy Regal Coupon

Embassy cigarette coupons you saved them up in their hundreds to by a gift out of their catalogue. I used to check empty packets on the road to see if anybody left a coupon inside. It was 5 for 10 and 10 for 20 pack

Bendy Toys. It was only a matter of time before the lethal bit of wire poked out! Loved Bendy Toys.

It was only a matter of time before the lethal bit of wire poked out! I had Huckleberry Hound - he was blue CW