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Old picture Tamil movie poster

Madhuram Director - Yoganand Genre - Drama Movie Info - Not Available Madurai

old theater at Ludhiana by Kangan Arora

Manju Cinema, Ludhiana I have wanted to photograph and document for some time, the old cinemas of Ludhiana.

Giant film cut-out placed on one of the main commercial streets of Chennai in Chennai, India.

Bollywood Dreams: An Exploration of the Motion Picture Industry and Its Culture in India by Jonathan Torgovnik

Amongst several stalwart resident guests of circa 1960’s at The Shalimar, the pioneer maestro of intellectual cinema, Mr. Satyajit Ray stands out. His Sherlock Holmesque detective book series called ‘The Adventures of Feluda,’ mentions the fictional character Feluda as residing at The Shalimar. The book went on to be made into a famous movie by the maestro’s son Sandip Ray. In 2002, the latter revisited his father’s fond old haunt, The Shalimar Hotel, to film particular sequences of his…

'Throwback Thursday' sheds light on the amazing Indian Filmmaker, Satyajit Ray.

Peter Sellers en "El Guateque" (The Party), 1968

Peter Sellers en "El Guateque" (The Party), 1968

'Bollywood Dreams' photographic series documents the vanishing world of old style Indian cinema. From website: "An elephant passes by a huge cinema advertisement billboard in Mumbai, India. In Mumbai, hand-painted have been almost entirely replaced by printed ones." Photo: Jonathan Torgovnik.

Cinema billboard advertising the film “Pukkar” and an elephant merging with rush hour traffic on Juhu Beach Road, Mumbai.

.love me my old trains.......

Steam train, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1983 by Steve McCurry. Steve McCurry is an American photographer who worked in photojournalism. His photograph "Afghan Girl" that appeared in the National Geographic magazine is his most famous work.