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The #1 Fitbit Weight Loss Mistake- And how to Avoid it! Are you using a fitness tracker to help you lose weight You might be making this huge mistake. Fix it now so you're on the right path!

The Fitbit Weight Loss Mistake- And How to Avoid it! Are you a Fitbit Family? This is the Top Fitbit Weight Loss Mistake - and how to avoid it! If you are using an activity tracker to lose weight, read this before your next step!

Burn Calories with These Walking Routines

How many calories do you burn walking? That depends on several factors, from your walking technique to your current weight and your average pace. Try these calorie burning walking routines to make the most out of your strolls.

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Free Weights Workout Routine for gym beginners. This basic free weights workout routine is for people who go to the gym and work out twice a week. The workout routine is split into “A” …