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I've been called on the radio SIX TIMES this year. And there was even an American radio station who played a song I asked for. An AMERICAN radio station. How awesome. That was a few days ago.

Before I die, I want to...

My sister has been on the Blob at the camping place and seen everybody at the camping place do this. Sounds like fun. But seems like you would have lots and lots of fun on the Blob.

Captivité animale pour votre divertissement ? Boycott Seaworld !

"Killer Profits" symbolizes the exploitation of wild animals by marine parks and zoos. Be sure to check out Blackfish the Movie

Boycott seaworld, they mistreat dolphins and whales

dora-wont-explore: “frozen-void: “linddzz: “twowandsandadrink: “ astral-nexus: “ vegan-xicano: “ prettynymph: “ Sea world should be wiped the fuck out ” Seaworld, zoos, circuses ” Always.