The Field (UK)

Field is a weekly football magazine distributed for free at all home Premier League games. Each week Field looks to bring together some of the finest football writers, musicians and players to talk about a shared interest in the beautiful game.

Used - magazine cover

50 Design Techniques That Made These Magazine Covers Awesome [Epic Case Studies

USED magazine. Brainchild of the London based creative agency Useful , (known for their art direction and editorial design of the Topshop 214 Magazine), USED is a new bi-annual publication focusing on the interaction between fashion and art. The first iss

In this ad Steve Carrell is being who he is, funny. For the audience who may not know him, they will at least know he is humorous because of the picture.

Slide Show: Martin Schoeller’s Portraits - The New Yorker - Steve Carell, Van Nuys, 2009

Robert Downey jr. on the cover of Esquire magazine

Robert Downey Jr.: The Second Greatest Actor in the World

Finally back on the A-list, Robert Downey Jr. is getting the respect — and the money — he deserves. An interview with Robert Downey Jr. in this Esquire cover story

One of the famed covers for Esquire, created by George Lois.

You! Be Inspired! — Sound Advice from George Lois

Tanned, rested, and ready!

10 Gender-Bending Magazine Covers, 1895-Present