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Atom Bomb Pamphlet

a propaganda movie amid the Early Cold War era hoping to strike more fear and awareness in Americans and others. Nuclear weapons made this an actual horror movie because it was a genuine fear and could happen in the near future.

An atomic bomb is triggered by tnt, which launches a neutron from an unstable isotope into a heavy element splitting it into two daughter atoms, in a fission reaction.

Atomic Bombing…How To Protect Yourself, - crouching under your school desk was one suggestion . I remember this and it always scared me.

The CAUSE of the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan: After the Japanese bombing on Pearl Harbor in the United States in 1945, the US seek vengeance on Japan; and thus, they decide to test out their first nuclear bombs on major cities of Japan. Above is an image of models of the two bombs dropped.

Fat Man & Little Boy: Bombs dropped on Nagasaki & Hiroshima, Japan which resulted in massive destruction surrender of the Japanese during WWII. From the Atomic Heritage Foundation.