Chloe Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny: ‘I now have total disdain for directors’

Chloë Sevigny: ‘I now have total disdain for directors’ In the she was dubbed ‘the coolest girl in the world’. Now happily reunited with Whit Stillman, she looks back at her rollercoaster career

Pablo Iglesias - Discurso en el Parlamento Europeo, 01/07/2014

Pablo Iglesias´ speech in the European Parliament (English subtitles)

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RIP Nelson Mandela, The revered South African anti-apartheid icon who spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and became its first black president, died December 2013 at home, he was

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Albert Schweitzer was a German born French theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary. | The Godfather Of Graphic Design

Poppy Head Turkey poster by Milton Glaser, "A rather strange poster with a surreal intent combining Poppy, a music company, and the idea of Thanksgiving"