Kurt Jackson

Event and calender page on the official website of leading British contemporary artist Kurt Jackson.

Original Painting Kylescu, Scotland

ARTFINDER: A Coastal Memory - Giclee Print (from. by Lesley Birch - Gorgeous golds and turquoises in this semi-abstract print inspired by Scotland. From an original mixed media painting inspired by the colours of summer.

light of the world by Lesley Birch

ARTFINDER: Light of the World by Lesley Birch, Painter/Printmaker - Timeless blues and turquoise greens express sea, horizon and ethereal light from the sun - from an original oil painting by Lesley Birch. An excellent print.

Beer Beach by Mike Bernard Bernard has a fabulous way of turning abstract collage, seemingly with a few strokes and details, into a scene like this.

In this feature artist Mike Bernard explains how to express yourself with collage