Vie pratique : Utiliser des pinces à linge (Nathaliell)

Create your own mini washing line to develop pincer grip and finger/hand strength - placing pegs on washing line to hang clothes.

Spoon marbles into a plastic bottle with out using fingers!

Fine motor activity -- spoon marbles into a bottle. How many can you get in without dropping any outside of the bottle? Not allowed to touch the marbles with fingers!

Balance marbles on golf tees. Fine motor skills. Physical Development. Continuous Provision. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

Have fun developing fine motor skills balancing marbles on golf tees in pieces of foam. Pink and Green Mama: Preschool At Home: Marbles and Golf Tee Game

thread objects on a skewer DOUGH GYM

Thread objects onto wooden sticks, skewers, or straws. Children loved doing this with Cheerios!

funky fingers. finger gym. fine motor skills. Counting and number recognition from Rachel (",)

Number Play

This is a good center activity or table top toy. Students will be able to represent numbers in flexible ways and model them in many physical ways.

Cheap, easy and amazing! My class have had hours of entertainment from this.... Challenging themselves and others, working in teams and much more

100 cup stacking challenge: working in teams & as individuals, how many cups can you stack and in what arrangements?