Small urban courtyard designed for entertaining.

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Small urban courtyard designed for entertaining Cut the legs off and bring the chairs lower to the floor .

Rooftop garden with fire pit. Pinned to Garden Design - Roof Gardens by Darin Bradbury.

Emerald Penthouse Concept Sergey Makhno Workshop Emerald Penthouse Concept by Sergey Makhno Workshop

Do you HAVE? a Corten fire box

FIRE PIT A Gloster sectional sofa provides seating around the fire pit. Sara Story estate in Texas Hill Country.

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining : Modern garden by Inspired Garden Design

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining by Inspired Garden Design

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining: modern Garden by Inspired Garden Design. Nice and ende

Square Fire Pit Kit <p id='text-smaller'>Economy Line</p>

If you& on a budget, try our economy square fire pit kit that includes a fire pit insert and 32 stone blocks.

Traditional Backyard Fire Pit Ideafire Pit With Burms Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Very nice Patio fire pit and stone seating (though I'd want cushions/pillows for when it's being used) by Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc.

Brown Residence desert inspired patio design: Transparent beauty designed to take on the desert heat. Designed by Lake/Flato Architects.