Karen Margolis #art #sculpture #paper  http://artsyforager.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/friday-faves-pretty-paper/

Friday Faves: Pretty Paper

karen margolis - 4 layers of abaca paper. holes made with soldering iron. I love the effect created with all these layers and the random arrangement of holes. It makes a very deep texture and a totally unique pattern.

Ceramic natural forms from Element Clay Studio. #curiosities #decor…

White ceramic in fresh forms from Element Clay Studio.

ymutate: antony gormley: source: minimalexposition

Antony Gormley - So powerful. Like birth, or trying to break free from whatever's holding us back (in this case, inside).

Paper and Light Sculpture by Riki Moss. See more of her work at http://www.rikimoss.com/

John-Richard Collection White Coral and Shell Sculptures - Horchow

Amy Eisenfeld Genser Reef-3 This artist works with acrylic and paper - but what a wonderful idea for polymer clay!

Amy Eisenfeld Genser

Natural Maps: Recreated Coral Reef Art by Amy Eisenfeld Genser. Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recently completed a new series of coral reefs that she painstakingly recreates using rolled bits of paper and acrylic paint.

amy eisenfeld genser, black and white squares: paper and acrylic

Amy Eisenfeld Genser - via PATTERNBANK Compelling Views from Above - inspiration Black & White Squares x ea, Paper and acrylic, framed. Sold—Commissions Available

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