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Michael Clifford - Luke Hemmings - 5SOS - 2015

Is it me or does the half pic look blueish and the other half looks blackish

Michael Gordon Clifford <3 BABY <3 Let's just talk about what's on his onesie though. It LITERALLY foretells his future

Due to Michael's birthday.here's the most adorable picture of Baby Mikey.

ICarly should come back just so they can do an "IGo 5 Seconds of Summer" ♥

It's alright Luke I love iCarly too. Your best friends(one direction) where on that show actually

Crying right now. 5 seconds of summer

thank you so much for two years of being a band. I've been a fan since 2012 and I've seen you boys grow up through this year. I love you so much :)<<I've been a fan since late 2013


I swear, if you do this again I will punch you in the face with my face, softly, because you're adorable and I like you.<<That just madem me smile


Haha but what annoys me is how people only mention Mikey's hair when it's pink, like it's been different colors. Also, he has his ears pierced too<<< It's cuz they're punk rock.

*facepalm* not even joking I hate people rn! Ugh my school is full of ponies! I remember when I was the only one who liked them