Zoella, we want your hair!

I'm Esther Thomas and I'm turning 18 soon. I have the ability to generate pheromones that affect the behavior of others. I happen to be very smart and can run really fast, because of this people tend to think that I have multiple powers, when I in

zoella and niomi at tanya and jim's wedding ♥

Tanya Burr's Wedding Dress Revealed, Tanya Burr And Jim Chapman Are Married

It's been so lovely spending time with some of my closest friends over the past couple of days! This one was better than the selfie by niomismart

I seriously want her hair!! This life is just unfair sometimes :/

I'm sorry I know I keep changing my role play person but I just decided to be her so I'm a half time lady my dad is Loki my step mom is of Disney✨ my sisters are Bennet and Gracie I'm 18 years old