Art of Anne Abgott

CANDY~ LIFESAVER ART:This is always a successful project. Paint your favorite candy! Looks like HS but I'm sure adaptable to younger grades.

colored pencil jelly beans

Autumn Jelly Beans - PRINT of a Colored Pencil Drawing - Candy Art - Realistic - Fall Colors - Brown Rust Gold Orange

Sweet Dreams, by Sarah Graham #art #painting #photorealism #sweets

Sweet Dreams by Sarah Graham example of still life and the choice of a close up view emphasizes the number of wrappers which suggests the excess of materialism and wasted packaging.


We're obsessed with photorealistic painting. Check out 15 examples of photorealistic artwork that really pops from Glennray Tutor to Doug Bloodworth.

Joel Penkman

As ilustrações apetitosas de Joël Penkman

Biscuits in a line. Joël Penkman Top to Bottom: Jammy Dodger Bourbon Pink Wafer Custard Cream Iced Ring