Pennies for iPhone by Roughtype Studio —

Pennies for iPhone

A top selling, number 1 finance app featured by Apple, WIRED and Time. Founded and created by Ollie Aplin and Emile Bennett, Pennies set out to solve an everyday problem suffered by everyday peopl.

Svpply iPad and iPhone App

Svpply Releases iPad App

SVPPLY on iPad from Ben Pieratt, Work - Ben Pieratt is a freelance identity & product designer.

Svpply, The Svpply iPhone app

A screen from Svpply’s native iPhone app. A note from the App’s designer, Allan Yu: ““We spent a lot of time focusing on translating the essence of Svpply to the mobile experience and the only way to.

Sneak peek of new "Square UI" kit

Square UI

Sneak peek of new "Square UI" kit I'm working in. It'll be a big Freebie.

Flat ui

Here's a freebie psd of the widgets he have worked on for fun. These are mainly design exercises that he did for warm-up/cool-down. This is Flat UI Kit Freebie created by Riki Tanone.


iPhone App - Search Results Filter


Impressionist UI - User Interface Pack