Caramel-Rolo-Brownie-Trifles. YUM!
Take a snickers mini, a teddy graham and some M & M's
easter inspiration:  love the little bows on the eggs, bunny, lamb, and chicks
Pretty Iced Easter Biscuits Cookies
Easter biscuits
Easter biscuits
Easter biscuits
Easter duckies!
Cute Easter Biscuits

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Showcase DIY speckled eggs in a nest of wheatgrass. First, dye hard-cooked eggs in pastel shades (or paint craft eggs). Then make flecks: Dilute brown acrylic paint with water until it's the consistency of cream. Dip an old toothbrush into the paint and, with the brush a few inches from the egg, run your finger across the bristles, splattering paint onto the shell (lay egg horizontally, splatter, let dry, rotate, and repeat).
Easter cookies
Easter baking
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Animal Inspired Easter Treats! All involving cookies :)
Easter egg biscuits
easter bunnies beautiful and delicious iced cookies
Happy Easter Day!!