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The idea of computer design for say building a model is very daunting to me as i am not confident in any type of computer modeling software. I may stay away from this field thought the experience could be either enlightening and make me want to continue m

Metris | Eisenstein’s Story-Board Summerhouse | 2013

Metris - Eisenstein’s Story-Board Summerhouse or the house as a model for cinematic space Anafi, Cyclades (A House for… - International Architectural Competition)

felicidades!! se ve muy bien, aún que el tema se me hace algo escalofriante, pero bien eh!, vas a tener mucho éxito ;)

The Church of the Holy Cross / KHR

Completed in 2008 in Jyllinge, Denmark. Images by Unknown photographer. The church of the holy cross was conceived as part of the landscape around Jyllinge. With its glass façade facing the fjord and a "fishing net".

Artist David Moreno turns architectural pencil sketches into 3D wire sculptures.

Floating Staircase Sculptures Made with Wire Look Like 3D Architecture Sketches

Artist David Moreno turns architectural pencil sketches into wire sculptures.

midcenturymiskatonic:  Architect: Juha Leiviska

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