Keep Calm and Watch the Next Step!!!! Best show ever

Keep Calm and Watch the Next Step! I actually tried to do this keep calm thing on the word program and I actually made these signs on everybody on the next step with every different colors

i can name them all chloe stephanie amanda west giselle james michelle eldon thalia emily daniel tiffany riley and hunter!

The next step Back row chloe Stephanie Amanda west Giselle middle row James Michelle Eldon Thalia emily front row Daniel Tiffany Riley and hunter

Love Riley on the next step!!

Rockin=because she's a contemporary dancer Incredible:because she stands up for what's right Lovely=shes nice to everyone Younger sister: Emily's her older sister

victoria baldesarra - the next step

The always beautiful victoria baldesarra - the next step.

The Next Step: Riley Season 2

My favourite contemporary dancer in the Next Step show's is Riley, play by Brittany Raymond

The Next Step: Kate

Kate is just amazing, she is a second mother to A troupe if she was my aunty or a family friend of mine i would love that because she always looks out for u know matter what hahaha lol

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