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Artist Spotlight: Suzanne Moxhay

Gorgeous yet subtly distorted tableaus by London-based artist Suzanne Moxhay. Created using a combination of photographed and painted

Keith Arnatt ‘Miss Grace’s Lane’, 1986–7 © Keith Arnatt Estate

Keith Arnatt ‘Miss Grace’s Lane’, © Keith Arnatt Estate

London, UK artist Suzanne Moxhay

London, UK artist Suzanne Moxhay

Drawing from an archive of collected material, Suzanne Moxhay creates intricate and complex photomontage images. Her method was derived in part from the early filmmaking technique of matte painting…

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Suzanne Moxhay’s Archival and Real Photography Montages , are like Stage Sets from a Dream INTERIORS Archival digital pigment print. In my recent work I have been exploring concepts of.