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Colour. Texture. Soul. Honoring materials with artistic intent.
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an orange sitting on top of a table next to a vase with a plant in it
Original Furniture, Art, & Decor | Wescover
Malevich vases by NOOM at Cassina ixc. Aoyama shop
there are two vases with flowers in them
The Color Trends for 2020 Are Inspired by Nature — THE NORDROOM
The Color Trends for 2020 Are Inspired by Nature — THE NORDROOM
an abstract painting hangs on the wall next to a wooden slatted window frame
Only&Co - Wall Hanging
Simply constructed to energize spaces the way one is meant to be! #onlyandco
a green plant sitting on top of a table next to a piece of white paper
"Flat Lay Of Interior Finishes, Leaves And A Candle" by Stocksy Contributor "Jodie Johnson Photography "
Flat Lay Of Interior Finishes, Leaves And A Candle | Stocksy United
a vase with some flowers on top of it sitting on a table next to two books
Experts Tell Us the Design Trends That Are In and Out in 2019
Current Mood by Clare- a mysterious, moody green paint color that’s intense and alluring all at once. "THE DESIGN TRENDS THAT WILL BE IN AND OUT IN 2019" Elle Decor. Clare, Shop 55 interior designer curated paint colors. Easy paint colors for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and many more rooms in your home. All available on #paint #painting #homeimprovement #diy #homedecor #diyhomedecor
an empty room with a wooden paneled wall and white tile flooring, along with a black bathtub in the center
Purple Sun - Texture Wall
Simply letting nature display it's own beauty is easier, more cost effective, and intrinsically beautiful in a way one could not plan #onlyandco
an arrangement of wood, paper and other items with a green plant in the center
Pelizzari Studio – Interior Design & Architettura
MATERIAL MOOD | Wood, fabric, marble and iron for a new concept project. #newproject #material #mood #interior #interiordesign #architecture #art #madeinitaly #studiopelizzari
a wooden table topped with a green vase filled with flowers next to a light bulb
A cosy, yet elegant home in Krakow
While yesterday's home was beautiful in all it's muted, monochrome glory, the deep, rich blues and emerald greens in this home in Krakow, ...
a round ottoman sitting on top of a rug
Fort Bazaar - Stool
High quality upholstery must be as pleasant to see as it is to feel for texture is both visual and tactile #onlyandco
a room filled with lots of different types of baskets on the wall and wooden spoons
Une photo, une déco : donner une âme à une entrée (PLANETE DECO a homes world)
a person is holding up some samples of materials on a white surface with their hands
Sampleboard for an office in a old bicycle factory. Our ambition is to preserve the house's ancient spirit and at the same time create a modern and flexible meeting place. #sampleboard #materialtrend #create #textures #moodboard #interior #architecture #hands #design
a close up view of the back end of a chair with wood and metal legs
Only&Co - Mahogany
Mahogany as a wood holds up particularly well to dark washes, carrying with it all the smokey richness associated with it! #onlyandco
a stack of folded linens sitting on top of each other
Textured Upholstery - KOTHEA
Pitfalls: use rough but soft fabrics, with a lot of texture, good, natural materials - the pitfall is going to smoother textures trying to soften the masculine impression, which, of course, does the exact opposite. The more feminine materials, styles and details you wear, the more masculine you appear.