Tropical Modernism - Sri Lanka

This design movement has swept the world with its sharp aesthetics, sustainable focus, and harmony with nature. It has it's origins, however, right here in Sri…
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a wooden table sitting under a pergoline covered arbor in front of a white building
Style, Home Decor from Blogger Inspiration by Sara Crampton
Style, Home Decor from Blogger Inspiration by Sara Crampton | Cool Chic Style Fashion
a living room with couches, lamps and pictures on the wall
Only&Co - Homestead
Truly at home in spaces energized for you #onlyandco
a wooden table sitting in front of some plants
Only&Co. - Side Table
The natural grain of Sri Lankan teak creates an incredible aesthetic that harkens feelings of nature and serenity #onlyandco
a living room with white couches and yellow pillows on top of the sofas
Only&Co - Residential Interiors
The overall view of a room like this strikes a certain emotion note within an observer that is only accentuated by the finer details contained within
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by rocks and bamboo screens with a lamp on the side
Our top 15 favourite ryokan inns | InsideJapan Blog
Our top 15 favourite ryokan inns | InsideJapan Tours Blog
an outdoor covered patio area with chairs and tables under a canopy over the fire place
Road to Wonder
I have been hanging on to this image for awhile now...
the interior of a house with bookshelves, plants and rugs on the floor
equipo de arquitectura builds an office out of earth around two trees in paraguay
equipo de arquitectura在巴拉圭的兩棵樹周圍建立了一個辦公室
a wooden stool sitting on top of a cement platform in front of palm tree leaves
Only&Co - Barstool
Natural colors and natural textures bring outdoor energy to indoor spaces #onlyandco
an instagram photo of a table and red chairs in a courtyard with trees on either side
The Stunning Revival of a NYC Townhouse by O'Neill Rose Architects
The outdoor space is anchored by a custom steel trellis.
a room filled with lots of green plants and potted plants on top of wooden shelves
Do sonho à realidade | Capítulo 1 | Histórias de Casa
Casa com muitas plantas tem corredor de ladrilhos hidráulicos e teto de vidro em meio à sala de madeira.
a living room filled with lots of plants and bookshelves next to a window
Warrior One Yoga Studio in Melbourne by Golden.
Concrete House in Bali by Patishandika | Yellowtrace
two people are sitting at a table in the backyard with plants and rocks on the ground
Best Outdoor Spaces - Patio Decor Inspiration
13 outdoor spaces to inspire you to add some green in your home
a wooden deck with plants and rocks on it
7 Backyard Tropical Ideas to Bring the Vacation Vibes Home
awesome Tropical Backyard Garden -!